• FIRE

    We work with fire pump distributors worldwide. By partnering with your local rep, you get the local support and our manufacturing expertise.


    Eliminate on-site coordination, time, and cost with our custom built fully NFPA 20 compliant fire pump skids.


    We can provide parts and/or installation of foam fire suppression systems for oil storage tanks, truck/rail loading racks, and aircraft hangars.

What we do

Pre-engineered Fire Systems is the leader in complete fire pump and foam enclosures. We provide comprehensive solutions on a single skid with enclosure. By having control of the entire fire protection system, we ensure that everything just works. No more worrying if the electrician hooked up the fire pump correctly. Who's responsibility is it to provide heating? Just connect power up to one of our complete skids and you are ready to go. All packages include complete turn-key responsibility and comprehensive documentation.

We provide our clients with innovative, cost effective, and detailed solutions for their Fire Protection and Life Safety needs. Our company emphasizes quality and schedule because we know that these items lead to our clients’ own profitability and safety.


We have a wide-base of experience across the world. Our experience includes industrial projects such as oil refineries, coal mines, power plants, and transformer substations. But, we also support the simpler needs of a smaller standard office buildings and warehouses.

Our clients are largely word-of-mouth. We feel that this reflects our quality and ability to perform time after time. Give us a call or drop us an email and see how we can help your project be successful.